5 Foods Nurses Can Eat to Reduce Fatigue

Fatigue and deficiency of energy are problems every nurse suffers from. Your work beats the threshold of  the human body and mind because of overwork that makes you irritable and exhausted. Bear in mind, that though it is always fascinating to look great, it is more important to feel great.... Click here to continue.

Are You Adding Colorful Foods To Your Diet?

colorful foods  When your meal consists of just one or two colors, not only does it not look appetizing and inviting, but you may be missing out on some nutritional value. We are constantly reminded to eat three to five servings of fruit and vegetables daily. Scientists have discovered that highly... Click here to continue.

Don’t Sabotage My Diet!

Temptation when nurses on diet.      As nurses, we are often reminded to stay healthy. Not only does it make you feel good, but you have more energy to perform your daily job better. Three months ago, I decided that on my two weeks vacation I would eat healthy, avoid chocolate and exercise... Click here to continue.