How Nurses Can Handle Daily Stress


Nursing has demands that cause stress in most of us. More often than not, whenever you catch up on your work and personal life, there is more stress from somewhere unexpected. At work, you are faced with demands you can hardly cope with. In a 2016 risk appraisal survey report sponsored by ANA, revealed that nurses experience a higher than average level of stress compared to other adults. To deal with the problem, you ought to understand it and know its source. Stress has side effects and can affect your body by causing: Sleep disturbances and heart problems. Chronic pain […]

How to be Stress-Free No Matter What!

Stress Free

Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? As a nurse, there is so much that goes on in your daily life. It almost feels impossible to be stress-free. Apart from your stressful job, there are all the other things you have to deal with. Your family, kids, relatives, bills, school and so much. I know this because I’ve been there. It almost seems like overwhelm has become your new normal. After a while, you begin to feel burnt out. Nurse burnout is the reason why I was inspired to write the book Finding Inner Peace. You don’t have to make […]