May Challenge – Give A Nurse A Gift!

National Nurses Week

              May is the month that nurses are remembered and honored. “National Nurses Week” is celebrated annually from May 6th to 12th . Nurses are professionals that are dedicated to caring for others.       At this time of the year, you have an opportunity to show a nurse that you care for him or her. Think about the things that your nurse did for you or your loved one. Your nurse took care of you or your loved one when they could not take care of themselves. They fed and nurtured them […]

National Nurses Week.

    Remember,  this is National Nurses’ Week which is celebrated annually from May 6th to May 12th. Do you know any nurses? This is the week that we remember nurses and their contribution to humanity. Even if you do not know one personally as a friend, I am sure you can think of a nurse that took such good care of you or your loved one when you or they were ill. I challenge you to thank at least 2 nurses this week and tell them how much you appreciate them. You can go the extra mile and buy […]

5 Favorite National Nurses Week Gifts.

        The joy of celebrating “National Nurses Week” is trying to guess what gifts the nurses will receive each year. Having worked in several hospitals, I’ve received all sorts of gifts. Ranging from the usual pens , candy and diaries, to more interesting gifts like triangular-shaped bar soap, homemade earrings that fell apart before I wore them, and a giant size clock that sang “Oh when the saints!” at every change of the hour.   There are two ultimate no! no! gifts that I have received. One was a red and orange mug that I had seen at the dollar store […]