7 Items People Forget When Travelling To A Mobile Clinic Abroad.

In the first part of this article we looked at how to prepare when travelling abroad to participate in a mobile clinic. In this second article I want us to focus on 7 items that people tend to forget when travelling abroad to participate in a mobile clinic. Depending on where you will be traveling to, there are items that you can carry with you during the flight that will make your experience profitable. 1. Extra Supplies. Whenever you pack your personal items, travel light. Pack what you will need so that it can fit in one suitcase. In a […]

How To Prepare When Traveling Abroad To Participate In A Mobile Clinic.

One life changing experience that I would urge you to add to your bucket list is to volunteer for a mobile clinic abroad. This experience is usually enriching, educational and eye-opening. There are many opportunities that usually arise asking for volunteers. In this article we will consider some important things to prepare when traveling abroad to participate in a mobile clinic. PART 1 Decide where you would like to go. There may be a disaster in a country abroad, or an ongoing need for a mobile clinic. Your community, church or an organization that you know may be planning to […]