Are Nurses Good At Saving Money?

        When it comes to money, how good are you at saving? Some of you may say it depends on how much a nurse makes. Some salaries can be considered high and others considered low, depending on where you work and your specialty.   I once worked in a country where nurses were the lowest paid among professionals. I envied my friends who were teachers and secretaries because some of them earned double my pay. The fact that I had little pay was no excuse not to save.   Saving money is an important habit to form […]

7 Items People Forget When Travelling To A Mobile Clinic Abroad.

In the first part of this article we looked at how to prepare when travelling abroad to participate in a mobile clinic. In this second article I want us to focus on 7 items that people tend to forget when travelling abroad to participate in a mobile clinic. Depending on where you will be traveling to, there are items that you can carry with you during the flight that will make your experience profitable. 1. Extra Supplies. Whenever you pack your personal items, travel light. Pack what you will need so that it can fit in one suitcase. In a […]