My Journey as a Nurse Entrepreneur

    Being a nurse entrepreneur is an exciting journey. I call it a journey because as an entrepreneur, whatever products you sold last year may not sell this year. There is also so much to learn, and the more you work as an entrepreneur, the better and more successful you get. To be a successful entrepreneur, it takes three main things.     Passion Have a passion for what you choose to do. If you do not have a passion for it, when the going gets tough, you will give up. Being an entrepreneur is like being married.  There […]

Go for Gold! What Can Nurses and Caregivers Learn?

Go for Gold ! What Nurses and Caregivers Can Learn.

David Rudisha of Team Kenya got the gold medal for the 800 meters in this year’s Olympics. He went further and broke the world record finishing the race at a record time of 1 minute 40.91 seconds. The 800 meters race is one of the most challenging races to win. There are a few lessons that nurses and caregivers can learn from David Rudisha.    Right Mindset David Rudisha had his mind-set on getting the Gold Medal. That was his goal. Nurses and caregivers need to have a mindset of succeeding in whatever ambition they may have. It may be to […]