One thing that will make you Win

            Many of you chose a nursing career because you wanted to care for the sick. Caring for someone else brings a lot of personal satisfaction and joy. I’m sure you were surprised, like I was, when you realized that you have to work with some overly competitive coworkers. Some of them use very unethical means to look better than you and are not ready to work with you as a team. Many employers would argue that competition is good for the company because it brings motivation and adds productivity. The flip side to this […]

5 Ways of Dealing with a Hyper-Competitive Coworker.


      Do you have a coworker who is constantly trying to outdo everyone else? Some employers encourage competition in the work place because they believe that it causes greater productivity and motivates the employees to meet deadlines. As much as these reasons may be good for any company, such an attitude can cause some employees to become overly competitive. Nurses are no exception when it comes to competition in the workplace. When nurses become overly or hyper-competitive, a number of troublesome things that can happen.   Competition can cause suspicion in the work place. People lose trust for […]