What Traveling Taught Me

Today, I was reflecting on what I did last year.  As far as I can remember, I have never traveled so much in one year. Some of the traveling I did was for fun and adventure, while some of it was to visit relatives or attend a funeral of a family member in Canada. I even traveled to attend two conferences; one in Pennsylvania and the other in Texas. I have a friend who travels two hundred days in a year; she would probably laugh at what I call ‘a lot,’ -but being somewhere different every month was plenty for […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Travel Nurse?


  A love for travel is one thing you must have to make it as a travel nurse. It seems obvious, but if you do not like flying, than travel nursing is not for you. Travel nursing comes with different types of assignments. Some are short, probably less than a week, while others last as long as three to four months. When I worked as a travel nurse, we did short assignments of four days each week as well as one day travel assignments. The four-day assignments were in East Africa where we carried out short surgeries for patients in […]